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ITALIA FILM is part of the VINCENTI Holding, a leading FMCG Exclusive Distributor in several markets in the Middle East and in Romania. The Vincenti groups includes 2 divisions: FMCG Distribution/Representation & Film Distribution. An evolution that propelled the success of the company since it started in 1954, with in 1993 an iconic year that marked the beginning of the relationship with the Disney company ( at that time: Buena Vista international) since then, IF structure expanded into the UAE, EGYPT and more recently into the KSA and its distribution footprint into Greece, Turkey and India. Below is Italia Film brief history:

- 1954: Established for the distribution of Italian films, at that time very popular, our activities were extended for the distribution of French and U.S. films.

- 1970: Italia Film was appointed the distributor of National General Pictures and obtained a huge success with: “Getaway, El Condor, Babymaker, The Grasshopper”, etc..

- 1972: Italia Film was appointed the distributor of A.I.P. and when National General Pictures was bought by Warner Bros., arrangements were made for the distribution of the films of P.S.O., Lorimar and Orion. For several years, the Box Office champions in Lebanon were films distributed by our company with Blockbuster movies such as: “Escape to Victory, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Endless Love, Class, Breathless, Terminator, Never Say Never Again, First Blood, Rambo, The Mission, 9 ½ Weeks, Woman in Red, Platoon, The Killing Fields, etc…”

- 1975: Italia Film was appointed the distributor of Lorimar Pictures

- 1977: Italia Film was appointed the distributor of Orion Pictures

- 1993: Italia Film was appointed distributors for Buena Vista International for the whole Middle East, as the films of Buena Vista International up to that date were distributed by Warner Bros. Our first task was to create awareness and public interest in Disney’s Animated Films as up to that date they were not released theatrically with the exception of 1 or 2 films which were solely released for the children audiences in limited shows during weekends and this is only in Lebanon, while in the other territories they were never released. ITALIAFILM marketing team was the first to initiate tie-in promotions with various industries as well as excelled in Gala and Charity Premieres, which tremendously contributed to the success of any film launching.

- 2000: Italia Film started up a physical set up/office with a sales and marketing team in each of Dubai (handling the GCC), Cairo (handling Egypt) and Amman (handling Jordan); all of which are supervised from the head bases in Beirut-Lebanon.

- 2003: Italia Film acquired an 8-screen multiplex theater in West Beirut-Lebanon.

- 2004: Italia Film acquired 3 multiplex theaters with 23 screens in East Beirut, Keserwan & Tripoli (Lebanon).

- 2005: Italia Film acquired the booking management of a 3-screen theater in Beirut North East suburb (Lebanon).

- 2011: Italia Film launched its new company: Italia Film Greece in a partnership agreement with AudioVisual for the distribution of Independent movies in Greece & Cyprus.

- 2012: Italia Film inaugurated Its new company: Italia Film Turkey in a partnership agreement with a local distribution company of Independent movies in Turkey. IF started a distribution partnership in India with PVR Pictures Limited and was appointed Exclusive Distributor in the Middle East for DREAMWORKS (AMBLIN) STUDIOS.

- 2018: Italia Film inaugurated Its new company (branch) in KSA with the 1st distribution license granted and the 1st 2 movie releases.